Saturday, February 13, 2010

29th Street Rep Artistic Director to Teach Beginners' Acting Class

This is from David Mogentale, the artistic director of 29th Street Rep (and a fine actor and director in his own right):

* * * * *

After many years at 29th Street Rep (sixteen as Artistic Director) I have been teaching a very small, mostly advanced acting class on Sunday nights at 7pm. I have been doing this since October 2008. I have recently had a yearning to teach a class with people who have no (or little) acting experience. I want it to be a fun and enjoyable time for people who may want to get into acting or just are interested in the process of theater itself. I want them to get a feeling for the craft and an enthusiasm for the art itself.

So if you are interested in taking this class where:

- You will have a teacher who will not talk your ear off and expound on how much he might know.
- You will (mostly) be working on scenes and monologues instead of this mumbo jumbo stuff that I, and everybody else has experienced in a beginner class.
- You are not scared off by someone who will actually say things that you may have never heard, nor hope to hear again.
- You will have something to do EVERY time. Something that I will probably give you from plays, monologues or exercises we have done here at 29th Street Rep. Visceral, hard-hitting stuff. Stuff that I have a feeling for...but stuff you can (hopefully) handle.
- You will prepare for every class (as will your teacher).
- You will show up on time for every class AND HAVE FUN.

...then this beginner brutal acting class might just work out well for you!

- 8 week session (no more than 10 people)
- (February 28-April 25) - Off Easter week.
- Every Sunday evening 7-10 or 11pm or untill we get everything done.
- In my studio space
- 212 West 29th Street-3rd Floor

$400 bucks...I'm worth it. 212 465-0575

Note: this class is NOT for the advanced actor

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