Friday, January 15, 2010

Page 121 Productions: Effecting Disaster Relief for Haiti

Here's a note I received from Stephen Kaliski, an contributor and also a playwright/director who heads an indie theater company, Page 121 Productions:

Dear Friends,

In the wake of this week's devastating earthquake, we've decided to do our small part in helping Haiti endure such a calamity.

For The 121 Effect, we will pledge the first $121 raised off of ticket sales for His Minute Hand to The American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund. We will also donate an additional $121 for every 60 tickets sold.

Although theatre is an inherently community-based art form, we believe in its ability to inspire global change. We hope that the local audiences gathered for His Minute Hand will come together to contribute to a nation in desperate need.

If you are unable to attend, we encourage you to follow the link above to donate to the Red Cross.


Stephen Kaliski, Artistic Director
Jeffrey Feola, Executive Director
There's detailed info about His Minute Hand here. Kudos to Stephen and Jeffrey for taking action for this important cause!

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