Wednesday, December 9, 2009's People of the Year

Today on we announce our 2009 People of the Year.

I want you to read the article so you can find out all about these amazing folks; you'll also find lots of links to reviews, podcasts, and other resources that will spell out how significant their work has been to the indie theater community in NYC.

But I won't tease's the list of the 15 we chose.

There are six theatre companies:
  1. AXIS Company
  2. Inverse Theater
  3. The New York NeoFuturists
  4. Nosedive Productions
  5. Soho Think Tank
  6. Wide Eyed Productions

All but the last of these are long-running companies that have given us dozens of innovative works over the years. Wide Eyed is a relatively new company that has already made a big impact.

There are four actors:

  1. Michael Gnat
  2. Alyssa Simon
  3. Paco Tolson
  4. Matthew Trumbull

There are two directors:

  1. Shannon Sindelar, who runs the Ontological Incubator Series
  2. Sarah Cameron Sunde, who is associate director of New Georges and co-artistic director of Oslo Elsewhere

There's one sound designer, the prolific Elizabeth Rhodes.

There's one playwright/actor, the prolific Richard Lovejoy.

And capping the list is a new very worthy organization, 50/50 in 2020, founded by Melody Brooks, Julie Crosby, and Susan Jonas; its mission is to devise strategies to address the differences in representation of male vs. female playwrights in American theatres.

People of the Year are nominated by the contributors to, and the final selections are made by NYTE's Board. It's hard to choose just 15 people to represent the broad spectrum of the NYC indie theater scene. But we think it's important to recognize artists who are doing significant work that may otherwise be taken for granted or fall under/off the radar.

So read all about them. And take a look at our past People of the Year, 2004-2008. I think you'll find that we've been doing a pretty good job at identifying the up-and-coming stars of our community.

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