Friday, October 9, 2009

Theater for the Adventurous Soul

There is always so much interesting and surprising theater going on in NYC at any given time that it's sometimes easy for shows to "fall through the cracks." Our mission here at at our affiliated website, to try to make sure that this doesn't happen. We want to be certain that while the mainstream media is talking about Hugh Jackman and Tony Roberts and Jeremy Piven, there's also a place on the web where people can learn about the New York Neo-Futurists and Rich Lovejoy and David D'Agostini.

That's why today we launch Theater for the Adventurous Soul.

It's a new section of where I will highlight (to quote myself) "the best in unusual, inventive, out-of-the-ordinary, under-the-radar indie theater." TFAS will be updated continually, to provide news and views about the great stuff happening in the world of indie theater that you might not have heard or read about...shows that are perfect for folks who want to be challenged by and immersed in a fulfilling and stimulating theatrical experience.

The current lineup at TFAS includes Laika Dog in Space, The Dark Heart of Meteorology, and Homer's Odyssey.

Please check out this newest feature and let me know your thoughts about it. And, if you have ideas for some other kinds of theatre you'd like to see spotlighted here at and -- i.e., theater for people other than "adventurous souls" -- please send me your suggestions! (Email me.)

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