Friday, August 14, 2009

Things To Do In Between FringeNYC Shows

So today is the start of the 13th annual New York International Fringe Festival. For the next 17 days, and its fleet of reviewers will be focused on the 201 shows in FringeNYC. This is your chance to really immerse yourself in theatre's great diversity. Dance, puppetry, masks, musical comedy, satire, noir, politics, drama, romance,'s all here (plus much more), right at your fingertips. Engage and enjoy!

But I wanted, today, to also step back from Fringe-ing for a moment and remind everyone about all the other amazing, interesting theatre that's happening in NYC at the same time as the festival. Take a break from FringeNYC and check out some of these:

FREE OUTDOOR THEATRE: There are several shows in FringeAlFresco...but there are also lots of wonderful productions in parks all across the five boroughs of New York. Choose from Theater for the New City's Tally Ho!, their annual activist street musical; the Gorilla Rep offerings, Julius Caesar (in Fort Tryon Park) and Peer Gynt (in Central Park); two productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream (here and here); Romeo and Juliet and the Greek play Plutus, presented by Curious Frog Theatre. All of these are free and great for families and kids.

IAN W. HILL'S "MINI-FESTIVAL" AT THE BRICK: Each August, theatre auteur Ian W. Hill takes over the Brick (where he serves year round as Technical Director) for a repertory of eclectic work. This year's lineup includes a revival of Daniel McKleinfeld's A Little Piece of the Sun (which premiered in FringeNYC about a decade ago), the American premiere of Richard Foreman's George Bataille's Bathrobe, the Reiner Werner Fassbinder play Blood on the Cat's Neck, and an original multimedia work called Sacrificial Offerings. Hill's "stock company" includes some of downtown theatre's finest actors (many of them are contributors to Links to info about the shows are here.

INDIE THEATER AT LANDMARK VENUES: P.S. 122 continues to host The Amoralists' The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side... The Ontologic-Hysteric Theatre concludes its Summer Incubator Series with Family and a double bill of Undine and The Importance of Being Earnest... And Metropolitan Playhouse celebrates its neighborhood with the annual East Village Theatre Festival.

IT'S OKAY TO ACT LIKE A TOURIST: Hey, it's summer. Cut loose. Check out Puppetry of the Penis while you're in the East Village... or Fuerza Bruta when you're at Union Square... or Blue Man Group when you're in the NYU area... or Naked Boys Singing! when you're in the Theatre District.

It's Festival Season. See Stuff. Have fun.

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