Friday, August 21, 2009

Report From FringeNYC #6

We're now about 60% complete in our mission to review all of the shows in this year's FringeNYC Festival. Yesterday, as ever,'s reviewers found a number of noteworthy shows that we are giving starred reviews to:

The variety is staggering, isn't it?

Here are the five most-read FringeNYC reviews on from yesterday:

1. Abraham Lincoln's Big, Gay Dance Party
2. The Jungle Fun Room
3. Tell It To Me Slowly
4. Cephalopod: A Play Below Sea Level
5. And She Said, He Said, I Said Yes


Nouveau Yorker said...

I loved Cephalopod. I don't think I have ever cried that much.

andrew said...

I loved cephalopod! i also cried a ton. It was so smart and emotionally captivating. It is by far the best fringe show I've seen. And i've seen tons!