Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Report from FringeNYC #10

We're in the final week of FringeNYC 2009 now, and there are still lots of remarkable shows out there to see! Here are some that we posted reviews for yesterday on nytheatre.com that seem especially notable:

And here's the list of the five most-read FringeNYC reviews on nytheatre.com yesterday:

  1. Muffin Man
  2. The Confessional
  3. Population: 8
  4. Series 6.2: Paint on Canvas
  5. Art's Heart

I'm going to close today's post with a link to the blog of one of this year's FringeNYC artists. Please take a look at what David Hansen (And Then You Die: How I Ran a Marathon in 26.2 Years) has to say about the reviews his show received. Very gratifying!

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