Sunday, August 9, 2009

Countdown to FringeNYC (5 Days Till Opening)

Every year we try to help readers and audience members navigate the New York International Fringe Festival, to find the shows that they'll particularly enjoy seeing. Our previews are a great way to get started. This year, we also focused on a few new works in the festival, all written by FringeNYC alumni playwrights, on our nytheatrecast series.

So here's what we have for you, as a way of getting to know some of these amazing artists and whetting your appetite for some of this year's new FringeNYC plays:

nytheatrecast #300: Matt Freeman talks to Mac Rogers about his FringeNYC show Viral. Matt and Mac have a great conversation about their craft and about the themes of Mac's works, including this new play premiering in FringeNYC, which is about a group of people who have become obsessed (sexually) with the idea of watching someone die. This is what FringeNYC is all about, people. Listen to the podcast.

nytheatrecast #301: Lisa Ferber talks to Todd Michael about his FringeNYC show Buddy Becker's Big Uncut Flick. Todd's works are always affectionate parodies of old movies with strong camp/drag components, and this year's is no exception. Lisa became a fan and then a friend of Todd after she saw one of his earlier FringeNYC shows. FringeNYC=Community! Listen to the podcast.

nytheatrecast #302: Series host Trav S.D. talks to FringeNYC founding artistic director John Clancy about his new show The Event. And then John talks to Trav about his new show, Willy Nilly. Between the two of them there's 30+ years of downtown indie theater history happening here. The spirit of FringeNYC! Listen to the podcast.

Check out the nytheatrecast website for info about all of these episodes, how to subscribe to nytheatrecast on iTunes, and more (including photos of all these great playwrights, all snapped by yours truly!).

Up next: News About the FringeNYC Opening Ceremonies. Check back tomorrow...

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