Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Countdown to FringeNYC (2 Days Till Opening)

Yesterday, I told you that we are planning to review all of the 201 shows in this year's New York International Fringe Festival. Today, I want to tell you how we are able to accomplish introducing you to the members of our Reviewing Squad.

These folks are all theatre artists who have volunteered their time to help us achieve this goal. Some of them have been helping us review FringeNYC since we started our gavel-to-gavel coverage back in 2002, and some of them are joining us for the first time this summer. All of them deserve our thanks.

The squad roster is here. (Click on the "+" next to each name to see the reviewer's bio.)

Our reviewing team this year is larger and more diverse than ever! We've got NYIT Award-winning and nominated artists participating; artistic directors of long-running theatre companies (past and present); actors; dramaturgs; stage managers; playwrights; directors; producers ... you name it. I would conservatively estimate that together the squad encompasses about 1,000 years of theatre experience.

As you read the reviews this year, click on the reviewers' names to read more about them. Get to know our Reviewing Squad, and check out their work (some are participating in the FringeNYC festival this summer!).

Up next, finding your way at FringeNYC 2009. Check back tomorrow...

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