Wednesday, August 26, 2009

50/50 in 2020: Parity for Women Theatre Artists

Last night, playwright Crystal Skillman (who is an occasional contributor to the nytheatre i blog) attended a very exciting event at the Julia Miles theatre – 50/50 in 2020: Parity for Women Theatre Artists, a panel and working event sponsored by the League of Professional Theatre Women, New Perspectives Theatre Company, and Women’s Project. Crystal has this to say about the event:
The Julia Miles Theatre was literally packed--almost every seat full! The approach to this issue was discussed in an extremely proactive way by the panelists, who included Melody Brooks, Susan Jonas, Julie Crosby, Elizabeth Van Dyke, Linda Winer, Alexis Greene, Milly Barranger, and Natatia L. Griffith. The problem was covered from several angles tackling the hardships playwrights face in general, especially women playwrights, in terms of getting productions and being published. There was an emphasis of the need for all women theatre artists (playwrights, directors, actors, designers, etc.) to understand their own history, as the canon of early women playwrights and their productions is less discussed or in most cases just ignored. From gaining equal pay to gaining coverage of women’s theatre work and criticism of this work at a time when print itself is in such crisis, and a new age is forming with criticism online – it was quite a conversation. Perhaps most excitingly, the second part of the night consisted of breaking into smaller working groups where solutions to the problem were brainstormed.

Crystal is going to be filing a much longer report on the panel for the nytheatre i later this week -- please check back for details about this important discussion of an important subject.

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xtine said...

Rock on Julie Crosby and the Women's Project for convening this. I await follow up posts from Crystal with great interest.