Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reminder: Please Help Us Win a $5,000 Grant

Voting closes tomorrow (Friday, June 5th) at midnight for the Techsoup/Microsoft "Show Your Impact" Contest. New York Theatre Experience, Inc. has entered this contest for a chance to win a $5,000 cash grant from Microsoft plus $25,000 worth of software. I believe we really have a decent shot at winning this--but we need your help to make it into the finals. So please, if you haven't already done so, take a moment and vote for our submission. The full instructions are here.

We've actually received some terrific feedback from our readers, friends, and collegues about this! Jon Stancato of Stolen Chair Theatre Company was kind enough to post something in his company's blog. And I got a lovely email from playwright Arlene Hutton (proving once again how very small a world we live in!):
Hello, Martin --A friend forwarded me the ballot information for the Microsoft Techsoup contest, encouraging me to vote for an organization that helps his child with her special disease. As you know, one must vote for at least three organizations and I was delighted to find listed!

What a well-written essay and a good reminder of all the important services you provide to the theatre community!

So while I was thinking of it, I wanted to take this opportunity to say....Thanks.

Thanks to all for your support! I will certainly keep everyone posted here on the Good News Theater Blog about the outcome of this contest. And whether we win or not, the Microsoft software we've already received via TechSoup is helping us make a lot of new and exciting stuff possible on and our other websites, and I will announcing some of that very soon as well!


Freeman said...

I signed up and did this. It's really easy, takes only a few minutes.

August Schulenburg said...

Got 'er done. Also, according to the website, voting has been extended until Monday, June 12th at noon. said...

UPDATE: The Show Your Impact site is now showing a voting deadline of Monday, June 8 at 12 noon. So folks, you have the rest of the weekend to vote. We appreciate it!