Friday, June 19, 2009

Kevin Augustine's Lone Wolf Tribe Goes to Europe & South America

Last week I told you about NYC indie theater stalwart Kelly McAllister's success in the Czech Republic. This week I have more news of indie theater folk conquering the world! Here's info from our colleague Kevin Augustine, whose brilliant puppet theatre work Animal is published in Plays and Playwrights 2005:

Lone Wolf Tribe, award winning contemporary puppet theater ensemble, will present their newest show, Part 1 of The Hobo Grunt Cycle, internationally. On June 24 and 25, the company will have its European premiere at The International Poppentheater Festival in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. On August 25 - September 6, the company has been invited to Brazil to perform four presentations in Sao Paulo and four presentations in Brasilia as part of the Cena Contemporanea Festival.

A circus appears on a war torn landscape. A clown’s beloved dog goes missing; a U.S. army veteran has lost himself. Some clowns throw the pies, others take them in the face—not unlike the soldier’s life. And under one V.I.P. tent, grunts fight dogs to the death. Featuring Lone Wolf Tribe's signature blend of puppets and performers, artistic director Kevin Augustine helms a story of human frailty in the face of war. Starring a breathtaking cast of life-sized puppets including pit bull warriors, circus clowns, and disabled veterans of American warfare, three puppeteers bring Part 1 of The Hobo Grunt Cycle to life.

Part 1 of The Hobo Grunt Cycle is written and directed by Kevin Augustine and produced by Carolyn Sesbeau. Performers: Kevin Augustine, Nathan Wagner, and Connor Augustine. Lighting design: Ayumu Poe Saegusa. Costume design: Candida Nichols. Set and Properties design: Gloria Sun. Video design: Ryan and Molly Fedyk. Sound design: Clint Davis. Puppets creator and designer: Kevin Augustine. Stage Manager: Rich Baiocco. Assistant Director: Sarah Bellin.

The Hobo Grunt Cycle has been developed through workshops at the Irondale Center and the Brooklyn Arts Exchange and is being funded by the Greenwall Foundation, the Puffin Foundation, USArtists International, and the Brooklyn Arts Council.

LWT's previous production, Bride, will travel to Atlanta to be presented at the National Puppetry Festival on July 18, 2009.

Lone Wolf Tribe is a contemporary puppet theatre ensemble blending history, sociology and psychology into brutally poetic contemporary narratives. Their visceral and fantastical productions explore the edges of artistic style and human experience. Combining a hybrid mix of theatrical mediums, Lone Wolf Tribe pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling and sculpts a new dimension for live performance.

Tickets for Part 1 of The Hobo Grunt Cycle at the International Poppentheater Festival are available at:

Kevin appears as a guest on our second Indie Theater NOW! TV show on MNN public access cable (dates TBA--soon, I hope!). Kevin gives a preview of one of the characters in The Hobo Grunt Cycle on the show during his interview with Trav S.D. Details coming soon!

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