Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Burning the Old Man in Prague

Last week, I told you about Kelly McAllister's European debut -- his play Burning the Old Man is in the rep at Divadla Na zábradlí in Prague, Czech Republic. Well, I promised you some photos from the production. Here they are! (All photos are by Martin Spelda).

Kristina Maděričová as Jo and Igor Chmela as Marty

Pavel Liška as Bobby

Pavel Liška as Bobby

Igor Chmela as Marty and Pavel Liška as Bobby

Gabriela Pyšná as Candy, Ladislav Hampl as Hlina (Earth), and Leoš Noha as Eddy

Leoš Noha as Eddy

Kristina Maděričová as Jo, Ladislav Hampl as Hlina (Earth), and Gabriela Pyšná as Candy

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