Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seth Bisen-Hersh Reviews Barbra Streisand: The Concerts

Today on the Good News Theatre Blog, we turn over the space to our colleague Seth Bisen-Hersh, who is very happy to have reviewed the new Barbra Streisand DVD collection (The Concerts):
Five hours of Barbra! The new DVD set includes FIVE HOURS of Barbra! The first DVD is a live recording of the most recent concert from 2006. The second DVD is a live recording of the concert at the Arrowhead Pond in 1994 previously only available on VHS. The third DVD is a recording of the tv special Putting It Together – the Making of The Broadway Album. Any one of these DVDs would be worth purchasing, but to get all three in one package is simply divine. If that wasn’t enough reason to get them, there are ELEVEN bonus tracks ranging from footage from Barbra’s TV specials to specially recorded songs just for this DVD from the recent concert to interviews with collaborators and her foundation. It is magical to watch Barbra throughout the years from her tv specials in the sixties through the most recent concert. Basically every song is a highlight, but the highlights for me personally included her honest interview about recording Broadway songs even though everyone told her not to, her understated rendition of the title song from Funny Girl, her dueting with herself in the Yentl Medley, and the two bonus tracks created solely for this DVD collection of songs she hasn’t sung in years – “Nobody’s Heart Belongs to Me” and “When the Sun Comes Out.” Thus, for five hours, happy days are indeed here again.
Thanks for the heads-up, Seth! You can purchase the DVD set at (and earn NYTE a little bit of a commission, thus aiding your favorite nonprofit theatre site) by clicking here.

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