Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kudos to Indie Theater Stalwarts

Our friends at The Chocolate Factory in Long Island City are worthy winners of one of this year's Obie Award Grants, presented last night. Congratulations to Brian Rogers and Sheila Lewandowski, the co-proprietors of the company, for a richly deserved honor!

And Susan Louise O'Connor, one of our all-time favorite indie theatre actors, is among this year's recipients of the Theatre World Awards, for her Broadway debut in Blithe Spirit. Way to go, Susan!

(Just remember that we've known about both of these amazing honorees for a long time here at nytheatre.com. Susan was one of our People of the Year back in 2005, while Chocolate Factory was on our list in 2007.)


I close tonight with a quick personal note: today marks my 10th anniversary as a New York City resident. Feels like only yesterday that I moved here (though in another way it feels like I've been here all my life). Moving here was the best decision I ever made. NYTE's 10th birthday is just a few months off...

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gail said...

Indeed Kudos - Chocolate Factory

Here's the lovely citation that was read when they received their Village Voice OBIE Grant:
With theatrical space in Manhattan dwindling, a few intrepid impresarios have looked beyond, to the outer boroughs. Far off in exotic Queens, this theater has found relatively low rent, and ample rehearsal space, turning an unlikely locale into a sweet spot for a wide range of theatrical work, with grants for resident andvisiting artists. For making a trip to Lond Island City hold the promise of a treat, the judges have voted an OBIE grant to The Chocolate Factory.