Friday, May 1, 2009

Help Stolen Chair Get a $3K Social Networking Grant

A couple of months ago, I told you about some of the innovative ways that Stolen Chair Theatre Company has approached fundraising in these difficult economic times. Now SCTC artistic director Jon Stancato has alerted me to yet another inventive way this company is looking to fund its work:

Stolen Chair is among a very small handful of organizations currently eligible for a nice $3,000 award from the Jenzabar Foundation. They asked for nonprofits to submit narratives of how they use social media to raise awareness and funds for their work. Worthy submissions are posted on their blog. In the spirit of social media, the submission with the most comments receives the cash.

Our submission was accepted. It is here:

People just need to write something positive (like "Rock on Stolen Chair! This all sounds incredible!") on Jenzabar's blog. Click here and comment away!
Thanks in advance!

I applaud Jon and the Chairs for putting together their application. I've commented on the Jenazabar blog already. I hope many of you will, too, so that we can get this award for one of our own great NYC indie theater companies.

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