Friday, May 15, 2009

A Couple of Updates

Daniel Talbott of Rising Phoenix Rep, a good friend to the Good News Theatre Blog, writes about a recent post from the road:

We just went on break cause of a major storm delay out here and I got back and got this and it made me so homesick in a really wonderful way I can't even say! I miss you guys and hope you're both doing great and loved your Good News Theatre Awards and since I can't leave comments on the blog for some reason I'm throwing a bunch of stuff I loved below in no order and very quickly off the top of my head so I'm sure I'm leaving a bunch of stuff out right

- Geoffrey Rush in Exit The King
- Kindness at Playwrights Horizons
- Our Town
- Lady
- Blasted at Soho Rep
- That Pretty Pretty or The Rape Play

Thanks, Daniel, for the great nods. I hope others will weigh in with the shows and artists from the past season who made a difference to them!

* * * * *

I also want to remind everyone about the IMMERSIVE THEATER PANEL that I will moderating next Saturday, May 23rd, at St. Johns University in Lower Manhattan. All the details are here. The speakers on the panel are playwright/directors Kirk Wood Bromley and Frank Cwiklik, plus creator/performers Stephen O'Connell and Lucy Simic of bluemouth inc. It is going to be a fascinating discussion. I hope I will see many of you there! It runs from noon to 2pm.

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