Friday, April 17, 2009

FringeNYC Builds Community: A True Life Example

I got this wonderful email from Elena K. Holy, producing artistic director of the New York International Fringe Festival. It's about the new production from Flux Theatre Ensemble, Pretty Theft. The play's director is Angela Astle.

Here's what Elena wrote:
Angela, first met this company when she was their FringeNYC Venue Director and that's a great story. Also, it's a FringeNYC Award winning company, the playwright's last FringeNYC play was written for FringeNYC alumni Susan Louise O'Connor (currently appearing on Broadway in Blithe Spirit) and it's just a big ol' FringeNYC Family Affair. As the Producing Artistic Director of a company that strives to "Incite Art, Cultivate Community, and Create New American Theatre" the whole thing has me beaming...

I love it when connections like this are made and fostered. We've actually jumped in with some connecting of our own surrounding this play -- we just released a podcast featuring a conversation between playwright Matthew Freeman and Pretty Theft's author Adam Szymkowicz. Check it out at the nytheatrecast website. And learn more about Pretty Theft here.

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August Schulenburg said...

The Fringe was twice a great experience for Flux - so this is extra nice to read!