Saturday, April 4, 2009

Free Rehearsal Space at Where Eagles Dare

This Good News Item is from John Chatterton:


You may have heard about the New York dry-cleaner (First Professional Cleaners' Carlos Vasquez) who is offering free dry-cleaning for unemployed people going on interviews. What a generous gesture! I had a thought -- most actors are unemployed, even at the best of times; how can I help them out and promote my own business at the same time? Then it came to me -- offer a free hour of rehearsal for actors about to go on an audition!

With luck, these actors will come back later to rehearse other things, or they'll tell other theatre people about Where Eagles Dare rehearsal spaces and theatre. Of course, there are ground rules:

  • Rehearsal must take place between 10 am and 5 pm weekdays.
  • You must make an appointment (212/279-2504).
  • We'll put you in whatever studio is convenient, for an hour. More hours will cost, at our regular non-profit (cheap) rates.
  • We ask you to bring some documentation -- a letter or E-mail -- to the effect that you are being asked to audition.
  • These auditions are for commercial theatre -- jobs that pay real money. Not showcases, community theatre, or gigs that don't pay. We want to help you beat the recession!

So that's it. Call us at 212-279-2504. Let's see if we can shake this thing! Pass the word....


John Chatterton

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