Thursday, April 2, 2009

Breedingground Crawls for Art

This one gets filed under "innovative ways to raise money":

As the economy declines, artists are willing to get down on their hands and knees to ask for funding at the 4th Crawl For Art on Saturday, April 18th, 2009 at 11am, at the Astor Place Cube at Astor Place & Lafayette Street.

As New York artists, Breedingground’s members have learned that it’s hard to raise money in any economic climate – but this year, faced with an economy in crisis, they’re willing to go the extra mile on their hands and knees. Literally. Walking has been done, running has been done, biking has been done, but as far as they know, no one but Breedingground has ever raised money by crawling. In 2004, Breedingground Productions broke the pledge drive mold with their inaugural Crawl for Art, and this April they’re bringing it to Greenwich Village with the Fourth Crawl For Art. Members of the 8-year old production company will crawl three feet on their hands and knees to earn every dollar pledged, subjecting themselves not only to the physical demands of the challenge, but also to the shame and humiliation of the stares and giggles from community members as they travel 7,920 feet (1.5 miles) through the streets of Greenwich Village.

On Saturday, April 18st, 2009 at 11am, Breedinground will start crawling from the Astor Place Cube at Astor Place and Lafayette Street in Manhattan. Members and volunteers will crawl down 8th Street to 6th Avenue, turning down 6th and traveling to West 4th Street, where they will continue to crawl through the park up to Waverly Place, then back east to Broadway, south to West 4th Street, and finally turning up Lafayette for the last stretch back to the Cube where they started. The end time is expected to be no later than 5:00pm and volunteers will be stationed along the route to cheer members on, plead for pledges and drum up excitement. The scheduled rain date is April 25th, 2009.

All proceeds of the 2009 Crawl for Art will go towards the production costs of Breedingground's Spring Fever Festival opening May 20, 2009 and running for 3 weeks at 440 Studios on Lafayette Street in Manhattan, just south of the Cube. To make a pledge online, visit See much more about the festival at Spring Fever Festival 2009.

(SFF09) is a three-week multi-arts festival for independent artists. SFF is produced every two years by Breedingground Productions, and projects include Music, Dance, Theater, Art Installation, and Groundwork (readings of new plays). Breedingground
(founded August 2000) is a collective of independent artists who collaborate on projects in a variety of creative disciplines. We choose our projects and collaborators on the basis of passion, intelligence, commitment, and the desire for an evolving dialogue with our audience. Our mission is to create an artists’ breedingground that transcends financial limitation and provides exceptional minds with opportunities to take creative risks.

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