Sunday, February 8, 2009

ZOMBIE Announces Post-Show Discussions

Bill Connington's one-man play ZOMBIE, which is based on Joyce Carol Oates's novella of the same name, returns to NYC following a successful run at the New York International Fringe Festival last summer. In ZOMBIE, a Jeffrey Dahmer-esque serial killer by the name of “Quentin P__” describes the murder, torture and rape of his young male victims. A sexual psychopath, he aspires to create zombie slaves to meet his every need.

Bill will be hosting a variety of guest speakers for post-show discussions at certain performances. Here's the rundown:

February 21 - A special opening night post-show event with Joyce Carol Oates, Bill Connington and Thomas Caruso.

February 20 - Dr. Alan Newman, a forensic psychiatrist at Georgetown University Hospital and a highly regarded expert on serial killers.

February 27 - Dr. Michael Stone, a highly regarded forensic psychiatrist who hosts Most Evil, a television program about serial killers on The Discovery Channel. Dr. Stone specializes in infanticide, sadism, severe personality disorder and serial sexual killings. Stone teaches at Columbia University and is widely published.

March 6 - Dr. Jeremy Butler, a forensic psychiatrist at Columbia University, who also teaches at NYU on the interplay between media and mental illness.

March 14 - Dr. Jacqueline Basha, a psychiatrist at Columbia University, who trained as a resident at Harvard and Roosevelt Hospital. Dr. Basha has a life-long interest in serial killers.

March 22 - Dr. Abby Stein, a forensic psychologist and associate professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Dr. Stein is the author of Prologue to Violence, about the deeper origins of violent crime.

Get more information about ZOMBIE here.

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