Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wreckio Ensemble Goes Green!

Wreckio Ensemble, who are presenting their newest piece Rooftops in March at the Milagro Theatre at CSV Cultural Center, are working hard to make their company "80% green"! Here are some of the things they're doing, according to their publicist Katie Rosin:

  1. They have partnered with American Forests: Members of the audience can donate $1 to American Forests and the organization will plant a tree on their behalf. This offsets the audience member's carbon footprint for viewing the show.
  2. They are printing 1/4 of the postcards they normally do, on recycled paper.
  3. There will be no program. A lobby installation piece will feature materials from the show to represent that person's work. For example a swatch of fabric from costume or wood from set with designer's name.
  4. They are attempting to build the set entirely out of reused items, such as from Materials for the Arts or donated.
  5. Flower Girl, the shop right down the street, is donating flowers for the show--ones that would be wasted otherwise.
  6. WRECKIO is working to get used stuff donated any way possible, such as posting on Facebook for used baby dolls.
  7. Their focus is on online marketing as opposed to print.
  8. They are attempting to get LED lighting to supplement the lighting provided by the space.
  9. The lighting designer touched base with a band, who traveled around Mexico powering their amps with bikes, to see if they can use on of these special bikes to power the lights or a TV prop.
  10. Whole Foods gave them a grant to help them purchase the organic food which is needed as props.

Huzzahs to these environmentally-minded folks! I'd love to post other stories about companies going "green" -- send them to me for the Good News Theatre Blog on the nytheatre i!

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