Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Resources for FRIGID Festival Fans

We've just finished two big projects here at that will help audiences navigate this year's FRIGID New York Festival.

In case you're not familiar with it, FRIGID is a winter theatre festival produced here in NYC by Horse Trade Theatre Group and the Exit Theater. There are 30 different productions playing at the three Horse Trade venues in the East Village (The Red Room, Under St. Marks, and the Kraine Theatre). The festival runs from February 25 - March 8.

We have just made available online a podcast preview of the festival. This episode of our nytheatrecast series is hosted by the inimitable Trav S.D. and features artists from half a dozen of the shows in the festival. You'll hear:
  • A short scene from Are We Freaks?
  • A tantalizing excerpt from Y, marilyn unstitched
  • The first five minutes of The Surprise
  • Snippets from habeas corpus
  • A lively interview with "Killy" Dwyer of Hysteri-Killy!
  • Behind-the-scenes info about The Expatriates

Check it out! There's an episode guide here and you can download the episode here. Subscribe to nytheatrecast on iTunes here.

You may also want to take a look at our exclusive FRIGID Festival Previews. These are short cyberinterviews with artists from productions in the festival that give readers a terrific idea of what each of the shows will be like. We've gotten responses from 26 of the 30 shows in this year's festival, so it's pretty comprehensive. The gateway to FRIGID Previews is here.

Once the festival starts up, we'll be planning to review all 3o shows, providing you with yet another resource to learn about what's hot in this year's FRIGID festival.

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