Sunday, February 15, 2009

Indie Theater = Community

Here's a brief, inspiring Good News post from our friend Addie Johnson of Rising Phoenix Rep:

Just got off the phone with Daniel Talbott & Denis Butkus and we kind of thought it was worth sending to ya just in case, and even if not that it was sort of just a cool thing to share. Daniel and Denis went to Manhattan Theatre Source this morning to help set up rehearsal for a Rattlestick reading of a new Christine Evans play and when they got there they were feverishly loading in for Mac Rogers's play Universal Robots. Everyone was there pitching in -- Mac and the actors were there helping build their own set, the head producer Lanie [Zipoy] was mopping the floor and D was just thinking how much he loves going over there cause it always seems like such an amazing reflection of what indie theatre is all about and kind of what the roots of theatre have been forever -- everyone all coming together to make it happen and taking on any job or aspect of it that helps and makes it happen in this really really wonderful way. I don't know if that makes sense at all but it just seems like a quintessentially indie theatre thang and so much a part of what we're all trying to do, and something you wouldn't really see in many (or really any) commercial productions or at bigger non-profits.

I concur.

Check out Universal Robots, which is a play I liked so much that I published it Plays and Playwrights 2008; and check out Rising Phoenix's new show Nobody; and check out Denis Butkus in Othello at Theatre for a New Audience.

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