Sunday, January 4, 2009

Theater for the New City is Going "Green"

I saw a show at Theater for the New City last weekend, and in the program there was this exciting note from executive director Crystal Field:

We have begun planning for a major renovation here at TNC. We will have a Green Roof (Regeneratie Vegetation) on our 15,000 square foot roof...We will open some of our Skylights for more natural light. We will make a really beautiful art gallery here, with rolling walls and a theatre cafe to support it. An audio-visual studio downstairs, a totally multi-use theater in the Cino Theatre with an Acting Balcony" (Shakespeare would be proud!), modernize our storage of masks, props, costumes, and puppets. We are exploring Green Technology for HVAC, Solar Panels for Electricity, Filtered Water for our fountains....

I'm thrilled to see this long-running East Village institution jumping on the Green Bandwagon--that's why I decided to share this news today.

There's a lot more information about TNC's plans on their website:

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