Monday, January 5, 2009

Some Free Resources from NYTE

I thought I would take a moment to remind readers -- especially those who produce indie theater here in NYC -- of some of the free resources that NYTE provides to help spread the word about the great work being done by theatre artists in our town.

The obvious ones are our websites: and both provide listings and reviews as comprehensively as possible. If for some reason you are reading this and don't know how to list your work on and, you should read this. Everybody should read about's listing structure, process, and philosophy, because it probably will answer at least one question that you have had about how listings work on our website. Another helpful webpage is the one that explains how reviews shows.

There is probably no single better way to promote your show on than using our virtual coupons. These are completely free to productions! They provide you with a simple method to offer a discount to our readers to entice them to see your show. The discount does not need to be deep!--we've had offers of $1 off the usual $18 ticket price, for example. But the virtual coupons put you in front of an audience of ticket buyers and we hear over and over again from those who use them that they're a great tool for audience building. Learn about this program here. (The current list of ticket discounts available to our readers is here; note that this webpage also includes discounts for seniors and students.) is more than just reviews. We've been publishing interviews with theatre artists for about a decade now, and they're an effective way to give readers in-depth information about your work in your own words. We're always on the lookout for interesting subjects for our nytheatre voices cyberinterviews. Take a look at this info and don't hesitate to email me when you think you have a good idea for a possible voices piece. Take a look, too, at this just-posted nytheatre voices interview with Seth Duerr and Randy Cohen, to get an idea of what these are like.

Timeliness is essential for all of these various programs and resources! Always allow yourself enough lead time before your show opens to get listed, schedule reviews, and set up interviews and other feature coverage! We really are here to serve the theatre community, and it breaks my heart whenever we can't do a good job because we don't have enough time.

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