Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Indie Theater Directors Answer Your Questions!

Coming up on February 11, 2009: our first ever nytheatrecast where we will take questions from our listeners/readers!

On that date, we will be posting (for download from iTunes and the nytheatrecast website), a podcast where a panel of indie theater directors will answer your questions. (The directors' names will be announced soon; watch the comments section of this post!)

This is your chance to ask directors how they do what they do. What do they look for in auditions? How do they select scripts? How do they work with designers, actors, stage managers, and other artists?

Make your question(s) as specific and concise as you can. Send them to me here. Questions must be received by February 1st. Be sure to indicate whether you want your question to be anonymous, or if you want your name to be read "on the air."

The questions used on our podcast will be selected by Cat Parker --who is a freelance director and Producing Director of T. Schreiber Studio; she will host this discussion -- and myself. We'll be looking for the queries that seem to be most universally applicable to our community.

I'm very excited that we are going to be engaging with our listeners and readers in this way! I can't wait to see the submissions. Send in your questions for directors now.

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