Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Dramatist Talks to the Critics

The current issue of The Dramatist magazine--the bimonthly journal published by The Dramatists Guild of America, Inc.--is titled "Yikes! The Critics." Inside are several articles that deal cogently with the subject of theatre criticism, including an essay that I wrote entitled "Confessions of a Critic." Here's my first paragraph, just to tantalize you:

I love my job, but it has its idiosyncrasies, and one of them is that the specific tasks I do depend entirely on the whims or caprices or what-have-you of a whole bunch of people I have absolutely no control over.

(I've already received some nice feedback about the piece from several folks, whom I thank sincerely; also thanks to Robert Ross Parker, editor of The Dramatist, for asking me to writing the piece.)

I am in distinguished company in this journal--in fact I am the only Internet reviewer included, the other critics being folks who are much more widely read than me: Robert Brustein has an interesting piece about the art of criticism, and Edward Albee leads a roundtable discussion about theatre criticism with Michael Feingold, Charles Isherwood, Leonard Jacobs, and Linda Winer. There are also some fascinating articles that talk about criticism from the playwright's perspective.

There's more information about The Dramatist here. And if you aren't familiar with the work of The Dramatists Guild of America, you should be: read more here.

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David Johnston said...

I read this piece in the Dramatist, Martin - thought it was great. Congrats.