Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Today, THE NYTHEATRE I heads off into a new direction.

One of my new year's resolutions for 2009 is to reinvent this blog as a nexus (fancy word) or playground (fun word) for all the positive, uplifting, unheralded great stuff that's happening in the world of indie theater.

So today -- Christmas Eve 2008 -- I am happy to announce The New York Theatre Experience, Inc.'s Good News Initiative, which will live for the next 365 days (at least) right here on the nytheatre i.

What you'll see here is a new posting every day that reminds us of the amazing contributions indie theater companies and artists are making to our town -- culturally, politically, socially, artistically, educationally, and above all passionately.

I know there are lots of problems and issues happening right now to be concerned about: disappearing venues, diminishing arts funding, audiences hit in the pocketbook by the difficult economic climate, and so on. I'm no ostrich: my head is not in the sand! But I am a natural optimist, and I want to use my energy to keep everybody focused on the good stuff that's going on.

Good news doesn't usually make the front page the way that bad news does. But it will always be front and center on the nytheatre i throughout our Good News Initiative.


nytheatre mike said...

Another brilliant idea, Martin! I've been thinking for years that the nightly news programs should try this approach for a period of time. Imagine how the national outlook of the country might change for the better! I guess we're about to find out a little about that with you leading the way, as usual. said...

nytheatre mike --
Thanks for the encouragement!