Friday, December 26, 2008

52nd Street Project Helps Kids, Breaks Ground for New Theatre

Do you know about The 52nd Street Project? Founded by William Reale, this organization matches professional theatre artists with inner-city kids in NYC to create original plays specifically for these kids. Coming up from January 30 - February 1 at the TBG Theater will be Don't Be Late, the culmination of The Project's Two-on-Two series, in which each of six duos of kids (ages 13-15) is paired with two professionals: one who writes a play for them, and another who directs.

Some great indie theater artists are involved with Don't Be Late, including Winter Miller, Graeme Gillis, Michael Lew, and Sharyn Rothstein (all members of EST's Youngblood playwriting group) and directors Dave Dalton and Carlos Armesto, among others.

Now here's the really good news: The 52nd Street Project just broke ground on the site for their new theater, located on the west side of Tenth Avenue between 52nd & 53rd Streets, in the Archstone-Clinton development. The facility's opening is slated for summer 2009.

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