Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Plays and Playwrights Anthologies -- Big Sale!

I want to make sure that readers of the nytheatre i know about the big sale that NYTE is running on the Plays and Playwrights anthologies from now through the end of January.

It's part of our Plays and Playwrights Mega Celebration which I told you about last week.

Each month between now and January, NYTE is offering two of our anthologies on sale at half price. This is a super opportunity for you to fill in the volumes that are missing from your personal library...and also to give some great inexpensive gifts to theatre lovers this holiday season.

The volumes on sale in October are Plays and Playwrights 2003 ($7.50) and Plays and Playwrights 2005 ($8.00).

Let me tell you a little about Plays and Playwrights 2003 today. I'll write about the 2005 volume in a future post.

Plays and Playwrights 2003 contains the FringeNYC hits Out to Lunch by Joe Langham (which is being read by No. 11 Productions on Monday, October 20 at Under St. Marks) and Last Call, the first full-length by the award-winning dramatist Kelly McAllister. It also includes the amazing and prophetic dark tragedy The Ninth Circle by Ed Musto; Ato Essandoh's insightful and witty look at interracial romance, Black Thang; Nat Colley's sequel to The Merchant of Venice (called The Doctor of Rome); one of the very first-ever 9/11 plays, Pumpkins for Smallpox by Catherine Gillet; and Leon Chase's remarkable family drama The Last Carburetor. Also in PP03: the one-act version of Andrea Lepcio's comedy about two sisters coping with breast cancer and death (yes, it really is a comedy!), Looking for the Pony -- a full-length version of this play is coming to Vital Theatre Company later this season. And Maggie Cino's extraordinarily wise one-woman physical theatre piece, Ascending Bodily. And Marc Morales's pop culture extravaganza Galaxy Video. And one of the most frequently performed plays from any of our books, Joe Godfrey's glorious take on Dickens, A Queer Carol.

All of these plays deserve to be as popular as A Queer Carol has become. Check out Plays and Playwrights 2003 asap. At $7.50 a copy (that's about 65 cents per play!!) it's a huge bargain.

Take advantage of the sale, and by the way, here's another reason to buy your copy of Plays and Playwrights 2003 now: it is actually about to go out of print. We have just 2 cartons of books left in inventory. Once they're gone... the only place you'll be able to find Plays and Playwrights 2003 will be in a used bookstore, or on eBay.

One last thing--you may be wondering why we're offering such deep discounts on our books right now. NYTE Small Press is part of The New York Theatre Experience, Inc., which as you may know is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to use new and traditional media to support the work of theatre artists. Our small press is not about making money--it's about getting the works of talented but possibly unheralded playwrights into the hands of people who will read them, perform them, and produce them. We want people who care about American drama to be able to afford to own these plays.

Click here to visit, where the books are on sale.

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