Saturday, October 4, 2008

McCain vs. Obama: Impact on NYC Theatre

Yesterday, John McCain finally released his "arts platform" to the media. It is four sentences long:
"John McCain believes that arts education can play a vital role fostering creativity and expression. He is a strong believer in empowering local school districts to establish priorities based on the needs of local schools and school districts. Schools receiving federal funds for education must be held accountable for providing a quality education in basic subjects critical to ensuring students are prepared to compete and succeed in the global economy. Where these local priorities allow, he believes investing in arts education can play a role in nurturing the creativity of expression so vital to the health of our cultural life and providing a means of creative expression for young people."

(I found this in the Salt Lake Tribune; I can't find anything about this is in the NY Times).

Obama's arts policy has been online since February, here. Obama's Arts Policy Committee is co-chaired by NYC theatrical producer Margo Lion and includes Disney Theatrical head Thomas Schumacher. So at least the commercial sector of NYC theatre has some representation in Obama's policy creation.

The issues of arts education and arts funding are obviously not the ones that will decide the 2008 presidential election, but they're vital to the New York theatre community and, I would argue, to the continued strength and creativity of the United States. Read the positions of the two candidates and judge for yourself.


Kelley Nicole said...

Just another reason to support the Obama ticket. Thank you for the document! I am SO very glad to see that not only does Obama recognize the intrinsic need for the arts in our educational system, but he has taken the time to form a committee and public statement around it. Ok, stepping off my soap box now... said...


Alert reader Tim Errickson points out that Charles Newell (artistic director of The Court Theatre in Chicago) is also on Obama's committee.

Thanks, Tim!