Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a Difference a Decade Makes

Ten years ago, I was still living in Maryland, working part-time on nytheatre.com and the rest of the time at my job at Marriott International. I was pretty much beside myself when I got the chance to meet Matt Maher (then a recent Obie winner for The Race of the Ark Tattoo). I was still just discovering the iconic locales of alternative NYC theatre like La MaMa and the Ontological Theater that I had read about but not yet personally experienced for myself.

Back then, I would never have imagined that anyone would write a sentence that had my name and Judith Malina's name in it (unless the sentence were something like, "Martin Denton has long admired the contributions of Judith Malina and the Living Theatre").

So I hope you can imagine how I felt reading this, in the last paragraph of Doug Strassler's piece about this year's three honorary recipients of the New York Innovative Theatre Awards:
Of course, come September 22, 2008, Denton, along with Errickson, Malina and their colleagues, will be recognized as one of the leading heroes of the Off-Off-Broadway community.
Humbled doesn't even begin to describe it. The whole piece, which is about Boomerang Theatre Company (winner of this year's Caffe Cino Award), Judith Malina (Artistic Achievement Award), and NYTE and nytheatre.com (Stewardship Award), is here.

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Anonymous said...

Many congratulations, Martin! Well deserved--

Tim Collins