Wednesday, September 17, 2008 Reviewer Hits the Road for Election '08

Today, I'm turning the blog over to one of's regular contributors, actor-director Anthony C.E. Nelson, who sent me this email (and has agreed to let me post it here):

Hello friends!

As some of you know, I’ve decided to spend the next five weeks on the road as a deputy field coordinator for the Obama campaign. This is a tremendously important election, and I feel glad to be in a position to give time to help. I know I had the feeling for a while that I wanted to do something, but wasn’t sure what. But I recently went through a training with the campaign, and I learned some cool stuff, and I thought I’d share some ways everyone can help.

The Obama campaign is organizing groups of volunteers every weekend to hit battleground states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, but you can still help even if you have only a few spare minutes! Check out the neighbor to neighbor tool at You can make calls from your own house at any time. There’s a script and a list of names provided, super easy, and there are always people you can call to help the campaign!

Today especially any new donations are matched, so sign up to donate today! Here is my personal donation page. Does it make any difference if you do it on my page? Heck, I don’t know, but they had me set it up so here you go. I just put in ten dollars. Even 5 dollars helps. Also, Barack has been doing well in fundraising but the Democratic National Committee is well behind the RNC in cash on hand, so you can donate to them here:

Sweet jesus, vote. Registration deadline in NY is Oct 10, but in many states it is earlier. And usually that means it needs to be at the board of elections on the 10th, not in the mail! You can check to see if you are registered at Two things: If you signed up to vote absentee in a battleground state, good for you! But your ballot needs to be at the board of elections before your state’s registration deadline! Otherwise your ballot won’t get counted on election night, but only for the final ballot certification in December! Do you still need to vote if you live in a “safe” state? YES! There have been a number of polling scenarios recently where Barack would win the electoral college, but not the popular vote! We need to win the popular vote to have the mandate for change we need to get stuff done! So get registered, and VOTE!

If you’re supporting the other guy, and you feel like talking about stuff, I am more than happy to! Otherwise, I recommend you get out there and volunteer yourself! We’ve got a lot of energy going for us! Thanks for reading!

Anthony C.E. Nelson

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