Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Suspicious Package

As my Facebook friends may already know, last Saturday I saw/was in Suspcious Package, the ingenious interactive "iPod noir" devised by Gyda Arber and Wendy Coyle. This show was originally part of the Brick's "Film Festival: A Theatre Festival" and has proved popular enough to extend in an open-ended engagement. It plays on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

The operative word here is "plays": this is theatre that the audience makes on its own. Yet it is the safest, most comfortable form of interactive theatre I've ever participated in.

Daniel Kelley reviewed the piece for at the festival last June; read his review--it really sums up the experience beautifully and I haven't got much to add to it. Then go here and make your reservation.

Major kudos to Gyda and Wendy. Their painstaking efforts have made this one of the most exciting, innovative, an fun new theatre pieces of the year. I applaud particularly the way they have crafted this show so that audiences are almost guaranteed a comfy, warm, rewarding experience.

One of the things Gyda does at each show is take pictures of her four audience members/actors "in costume." Here's the quartet I was in:


Gyda said...

Yay, Martin, thanks so much!

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Yes, you will get your star!

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