Saturday, August 2, 2008

A New Kind of Premium Pricing on Broadway

Kudos to Playbill Online for this article, which informs us that several Broadway shows, such as the incoming revival of The Seagull and Gypsy, are now charging extra for aisle seats. The Seagull, for example, is charging $110 for orchestra seats but $135 for seats on the aisle (which can only be purchased in pairs). (Note that these are the prices for non-"premium" seats, which go for $252.)

Not only is this new pricing structure sort-of reprehensible, it has also been implemented without much in the way of notice. The press releases I've received for The Seagull have not included any pricing information, and the official announcement of ticket prices that received from Tele-charge (as one of their affiliate websites) shows the top ticket price as $110. So I applaud Playbill for breaking this story.

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Anonymous said...

I recently looked into buying tickets for "13" and was shocked that the best I could do in the center section was row 12. No side aisle seats are available any closer, either. Mel Brooks may have started something ugly and I am expect that the result at "13" will be the same. And that's a shame because Jason Robert Brown is terrific and deserves a big hit. I have checked Telecharge every day for more than a week and not one ticket has sold for the particular Saturday matinee I want.