Wednesday, July 23, 2008's FringeNYC Reviewing Squad

As you probably know, reviews every show in the New York International Fringe Festival every summer--we've been doing that since 2002.

The way we accomplish this task (201 shows in 14 days this year!) is to enlist the help of many, many wonderful volunteers. Our FringeNYC Reviewing Squad for 2008 consists of 67 theatre artists of every stripe who are giving of their time to make sure that all of the shows in this year's festival get the coverage they deserve.

I'd like you to meet them! To begin, here are our Team Heroes--these folks have been reviewing FringeNYC ever since the squad began seven years ago:
  • Alyssa Simon
  • Anthony Pennino
  • David Fuller
  • Josephine Cashman
  • Michael Criscuolo
  • Matt Freeman
  • Pamela Butler
  • Saviana Stanescu
  • Julie Congress

We're also welcoming several newbies--people who have not reviewed for us until this festival:

  • Ethan Angelica
  • Joshua Chase Gold
  • Ryan Nicholoff
  • Mitchell Conway
  • Michael Mraz
  • Roger Nasser
  • Shannon Thomason
  • Sara Thigpen
  • Zachary Fithian
  • Jessica McVea

Our Squad includes actors:

  • Amber Gallery
  • Chris Harcum
  • Danny Bowes
  • David DelGrosso
  • Gyda Arber
  • Heather Lee Rogers
  • Jason Grossman
  • Joe Beaudin
  • Matthew Trumbull
  • Melle Powers
  • Micah Bucey
  • Nat Cassidy
  • Natasha Yannacanedo
  • Nathaniel Kressen
  • Peter Schuyler
  • Robert Weinstein


  • Daniel Kelley
  • Jack Hanley
  • James Comtois
  • Jo Ann Rosen
  • Lucile Scott
  • Melanie N. Lee
  • Richard Hinojosa
  • Robert Attenweiler
  • Robin Rothstein
  • Stan Richardson


  • Edward Elefterion
  • Garry Schrader
  • Jason Jacobs
  • Judith Jarosz
  • Kristin Skye Hoffmann
  • Kyle Ancowitz
  • Mark DeFrancis
  • Pamela Butler
  • Pete Boisvert
  • Ryan Emmons
  • Jon Stancato

Stage Managers:

  • Debbie Beaudin
  • Kelly Aliano
  • Kim Wadsworth
  • Megin Jiminez


  • Emily Otto
  • Russell M. Kaplan


  • Nancy Kim
  • Ross Chappell


  • Allison Taylor
  • David Gordon


  • Josh Sherman
  • Loren Noveck

Of course, many of these artists do a lot of different things, so these categories are not at all meant to be limiting--just indicative. They're an awesome bunch.

You can learn about them on our reviewer page on

FringeNYC starts up on August 8th, just two weeks from now. I'm planning to be a host of the Opening Ceremonies at FringeCENTRAL (more about that coming soon!), and of course I am looking forward to seeing lots of great shows during the 17 days of the festival.

Meanwhile, bone up on what's coming to FringeNYC (and pick the shows you want to see) by looking at our artist-written previews, featuring more than 170 of the shows in the festival. You can buy tickets to shows directly from links on the preview section too!

And FringeNYC Preview Podcast #1 goes live tomorrow...

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