Thursday, July 10, 2008

Getting to Know Four Chairs Theatre

We've just posted on a really excellent interview with Jacob Kreuger and Larry Kunofsky, who are jointly the founders/artistic directors of Four Chairs Theatre.

The main topic of the article is Jacob and Larry's upcoming show, What to Do When You Hate All Your Friends (Jacob is directing, Larry is the playwright). Larry (who--full disclosure--is an contributor) is extraordinarily articulate about his work and its inspirations, and what he has to say is great reading.

But I was also very interested in Jacob's observations about the ways plays get developed in mainstream (non-indie) New York theatre, and how what he observed led to the creation of this new company. Jacob's background is in screenwriting in Hollywood, so he has a perspective that's informed by some different factors than many of his colleagues here in NYC.

So take a look, and get to know this noteworthy new company. And chaw over some of what these guys have to say--it's pretty valuable food for thought.

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