Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Look at the FringeNYC Festival

We've just posted our annual Preview Feature for the New York International Fringe Festival on nytheatre.com. So far, 93 shows are included out of the 201 participating in this year's festival. Watch for many more to be added in the coming days.

Our FringeNYC Previews are unique because they allow the participants to talk to readers about their work in their own words. We ask them answer these three questions:

1. What is your show about and what can audiences expect when they see it?
2. Why is your show pertinent to today's times and/or why should your show be the choice for audiences to see?
3. Why did you choose to present this show?

What they tell us is usually provocative and intriguing and--most important--very indicative of what you'll see when you go to their show.

The Previews are a great way to scope out the festival and start planning what you want to see out of the 200+ offerings. We invite every FringeNYC show to participate and usually by the middle of July just about all of them have sent in their responses. This way you can get insider info about EVERYTHING in the festival, not just about the couple of dozen shows that some editor has decided to feature this year.

We also have a tagging feature for the Previews so that you can search for shows not only by title but also by keywords that describe them.

Please check them out...and enjoy!

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