Thursday, June 26, 2008

Resources for Indie Theater Folk: 2 New Podcasts!

This week we've posted two new episodes of the nytheatrecast podcast program that provide valuable info and resources for indie theater practitioners.

Episode #225 is a special edition of our Indie Theater Life series that focuses on the challenges of being a theater artist and a parent. Jessica Davis-Irons of Andhow! Theatre Company is the moderator; she's joined by Susan Bernfield of New Georges and Robert Lyons of Soho Think Tank to share experiences and advice about navigating through the world of parenthood while trying to maintain a viable career as artistic director of a theatre company. It's a fascinating conversation with lots of useful tips for folks dealing with the same issues in their lives/careers. Read more here or download the podcast.

Episode #226 is part of our series hosted by Leonard Jacobs (aptly titled "The Leonard Jacobs Show"). His guest is Tim Errickson, and the subject for most of the podcast is The Community Dish, an organization of indie theater companies that Tim is now heading up. The Dish is a great group with a (relatively) long history and successful track record; small/young companies especially should check out this podcast to find out more about what they have to offer. Read more here or download the podcast.

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