Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Festive Summer

Summer theatre festival is in full swing, and is ready to cover it, more vigorously and completely than ever!

Happening right now is the Brick's FILM FESTIVAL: A THEATRE FESTIVAL, which has been extremely well-reviewed so far by's writers. The reviews are here. More will be posted intermittently through the end of June; the festival closes on June 29th.

Coming later in June is terraNOVA's SOLONOVA ARTS FESTIVAL, which features eight very diverse, very interesting solo shows. We'll be releasing an episode of nytheatrecast today that spotlights four of the participants--Eric Lockley, Krista DeNio, Moana Niumeitolu, and Julia May Jonas. The podcast features excerpts from all four of their shows plus info about everything else in the festival. Visit

I'm also keeping an eye on Manhattan Repertory Theatre's annual SUMMERFEST, which begins today. I am going to see a few of their offerings later this month, so watch for a report at the end of June. And we will likely be covering more of this festival later in the summer (it's on hiatus for a few weeks before and after the 4th of July).

Dixon Place's annual HOT! festival, celebrating queer theater and performance "for the whole family," starts on June 16th and continues through the end of August. There are three commissioned pieces at the center of HOT! this year--Annie Lanzillotto's site-specific(ish) performance The Flat Earth, Jack Ferver's Meat, and Kenny Mellman's Say Seaboy, You Sissy Boy? We're hoping to review them, and we'll dip into the other short-run items that pepper this exciting festival all summer long.

July brings a host of festivals. Summer Play Festival (SPF) is much smaller than in previous years, with just 8 shows at the Public Theatre; it's never been open for review in the past and I don't expect that it will be this year either.

EAST TO EDINBURGH at 59E59 will give New Yorkers a sampling of some of the American fare heading across the pond to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe; I haven't gotten details on this festival yet.

But we do know the lineup for this year's ICE FACTORY at the Ohio Theatre. It includes a new solo performance by Lenora Champagne, new work by Adriano Chaplin, and the long-awaited world premiere of W.M.D. by Sponsored by Nobody. will guide readers through as much of Ice Factory as possible! It runs July - August.

Also in July: FRESH FRUIT, the second gay-themed festival of the summer, which features a new musical by Chip Deffaa and a new play by Nigerian playwright Nanna Mwaluko, among other offerings. And the BAD MUSICALS FESTIVAL. And the SAMUEL FRENCH ONE-ACT PLAY FESTIVAL.

July 9th is the opening date of UNDERGROUNDZERO, a three-week festival at Collective: Unconscious curated by Paul Bargetto. We're putting together a new feature on that will give readers a fun and informative first look at the shows in this festival -- it will be online by next week, so watch out for it!

The MIDTOWN INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL (MITF), the second largest of the summer's theatre bashes, starts on July 14th. With 50 shows on its roster, MITF is bigger than will occupy seven venues on West 36th/37th Streets. We've got a comprehensive list of the shows and their creators, with links to ticketing and show websites, online here. We plan to review all 50 MITF shows.

After that, of course, is the NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL FRINGE FESTIVAL, which runs from August 8 - 24. There are 204 shows scheduled at about 20 downtown Manhattan venues (to be announced). Our signature gavel-to-gavel coverage of FringeNYC begins with our exclusive nytheatrecast "Live From the FringeNYC Town Meeting," which will be online next week; continues with our popular show previews, which will be online starting July 1st; and then culminates with our reviewing every one of the shows in the festival. This will be the 7th year in a row that we will review the entire FringeNYC festival, and as far as I know, no other media outlet has ever accomplished this even once.

The Festival Calendar is your gateway to all of our summer theatre festival coverage. You should bookmark it!

Our reviews of FringeNYC, MITF, and the rest are written by our ever-expanding squad of dedicated volunteers--theatre artists who give freely of their time to make sure that audiences and participants in all of these great festivals get the feedback they need and deserve about this work. You can learn about our reviewers here.

I love summer festival season. The diversity and variety of what's available in NYC theatres never ceases to astonish. And the unexpected gems that pop up in every single summer festival are thrilling and exciting. That's why we cover all of the summer theatre festivals so comprehensively--because you just can't predict where the great stuff is going to be, so you've just got to review it all.

So I hope you will stay tuned to for a great summer of amazing theatre!


thedohertymonster said...


I recently performed in Eric Bland's play Death at Film Forum. I greatly enjoyed your reading your review, and it made me wish that the other show I'm currently working on, The Resistible Rise of Fatlinda Paloka (at TNC) could be reviewed by someone as well. It is a very professional and funny piece, with a superb cast. I am exceptionally proud of the work, and would love to see those involved get feedback on their work. If you have any ideas as to whom I should contact, or how I can get a reviewer there, please let me know.

And thanks for all that you do!

Take care,
Siobhan Doherty said...

Just email me at and I will give you info about getting a review.

You can also check out:

siobhan said...

Thanks! Sorry if this wasn't quite the best place to ask you this question.

Take care,