Thursday, May 8, 2008

Playing with Canons Alumni are Rockin' NYC Stages

One of the missions of the play anthologies that I edit and that NYTE publishes--indeed, the MAIN mission--is to call attention to notable but not-yet-well-known playwrights, so that people in the theatre community can get a first look at the work that will define American drama in years to come.

In October 2006 we published Playing with Canons, which contains 18 plays, and the contributors to this volume have not let us down, not one bit.

This week, there are excellent new plays on the boards in NYC by no fewer than four of the authors featured in Playing with Canons:
  • Kirk Wood Bromley's new play Me, at the Ohio Theater, is an extraordinary work about personhood, social responsibility, and autobiography
  • Kiran Rikhye's The Accidental Patriot combines the swashbuckler genre with an unlikely counterpart, Greek tragedy
  • Matt Freeman's When is a Clock is a journey into the worlds of noir and surrealism for this versatile young playwright
  • Anthony P. Pennino's The Devil and Tom Walker is a musical (score by Rob Kendt) based on a Washington Irving story about greed

I highly recommend that you check out one or all four this weekend to discover voices that are exciting and singular in contempoary indie theater.

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