Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The OTTY Awards

Last night, I was at Commerce Bank in Midtown to receive one of Our Town newspaper's "OTTY" Awards (that stands for "Our Town Thanks You"). was recognized for making a "significant contribution to the community." I am very gratified by this honor.

In the photo, I am holding the OTTY Award (which is a very lovely glass apple); with me are David Gibbs, Rochelle Denton (holding the OTTY plaque), and Michael Criscuolo.
I am particularly pleased that is getting some public recognition, and I was happy to be able to thank the hundreds of volunteers who provide content to and make it the grassroots success that it has become. I am also glad that the theatre we cover on is getting its due via this award as well.


RLewis said...

Congrats! Well deserved. and terrific pic of you all. -R

David Gibbs said...

Your contribution to the NY theater scene has been fantastic. This is a very well deserved award Martin. Congrats!

David Johnston said...

This is terrific news, Martin. Congratulations.

nytheatre mike said...

Martin, it was an honor to attend the festivities in person. Congratulations again, and thanks for having me along. (And, by the way: NICE suit!)

John said...


Well done.