Saturday, May 17, 2008

More New Reviewers on

Now that spring/summer theatre festival season is upon us, our squad of reviewers at is expanding once again to handle to workload. I'm happy to welcome a total of 16 new reviewers to our staff this year:
  1. Kelly Aliano
  2. Andrew Bielski
  3. Micah Bucey
  4. Nat Cassidy
  5. Amber Gallery
  6. Joshua Chase Gold
  7. David Gordon
  8. Jason S. Grossman
  9. Kristin Skye Hoffmann
  10. Megin Jimenez
  11. Russell Kaplan
  12. Nathaniel Kressen
  13. Ryan Nicholoff
  14. Heather Lee Rogers
  15. Peter Schuyler
  16. Lucile Scott

You can learn more about them here. Like all of our volunteer reviewers, they're all practicing artists within the NYC indie theater community: playwrights, actors, directors, dramaturgs, composers, etc. -- with many of them wearing multiple hats. They will bring fresh perspective and talent to, and I hope you'll enjoy reading their commentary.

All of our reviewers are either invited by me to join the squad or recommended by existing reviewers. They undergo a fairly rigorous orientation, which this year (for the first time) is done completely online using a wiki-based learning resource. Using Web 2.0 technology in this way has enabled us to add the new reviewers to our team in a much more convenient fashion than ever before.

And what will they all be reviewing? At, we're committed to reviewing as much of the NYC theatre scene as possible, including (especially) theatre festivals, where too often shows are overlooked. Our roster of theatre festivals for 2008 includes: GayfestNYC, Brits Off Broadway, the Brick's Film Festival: A Theater Festival, soloNOVA Festival, East to Edinburgh, UndergroundZERO Festival, Midtown International Theatre Festival, New York Musical Theatre Festival, New York Clown Theatre Festival, and of course, in August, the New York International Fringe Festival. Watch for complete and comprehensive coverage of these (and possibly more!) as the summer progresses.

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